Applications are due by Wednesday, February 12, 2017.

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Senior High
Summer Missions

Senior High Summer Missions
Forgotten Coast, FL

July 22-July 30, 2017

Project Overview: Pulse Senior High is traveling to Eastpoint, Florida to partner with CEF and local churches to host Vacation Bible School, street witnessing, and outreaches in the local community .

This trip is opened to Senior High Students (9th–12th Grades) at Calvary Chapel Central Bucks.  There is a limited number of slots available, so make sure you fill out your application as soon as possible.  We are going on this trip to help fulfil the Great Commission in Matthew 28, where Jesus says that we are to go and make disciples of all nations.  This trip is an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones, live in faith, and share God’s love.

Trip Requirements:  Everyone that wants to go on this trip must:

  1. Have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have an active relationship with Him.
  2. Be willing and able to share their testimony and the Gospel.
  3. Be willing to submit to authority.
  4. Be willing to serve.
  5. Committed member and regular attendee of Pulse Youth Group.

Lodging:  We will be staying on St. George Island which is a 15 minute drive to Eastpoint.  

Cost: $1,100 includes room & board, transportation, and supplies for ministry. There will be fundraisers to help offset this cost.  (If parents are interested in helping with the fundraisers, we would welcome it!)

Application Process:  Applications are due February 12.  A brief interview with you and your parent(s) must be scheduled prior to 3/1.  Please sign up for your mission interview on the Senior High Mission page at  Immediately after your interview and upon approval a $100 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your position on the trip.  

Mission’s Week Schedule:
July 22 – Leave CCCB early morning 2:30am
July 23 – Church Service and Canvassing  
July 24 – 27 Vacation Bible School & Outreaches
July 28 – 29 Travel to Orlando, Fun Day and Debrief,
July 30 – Fly Home 3pm

Payment and Mandatory Meeting Dates:  Students must be committed to attend and come prepared for each meeting. If 2 meetings are missed, participation of trip will be re-evaluated. Please check your calendar before the interview to see if there are dates that conflict with your schedule.

  • February 12  – Applications Due
  • February/March – Interviews – Deposit Due of $100 after interview (sign up online)
  • March 5 – Sunday, 1:15-3:30pm Mission Training Meeting 1- Upper Room
  • March 22 – Support Letters must be submitted for review by this date.
  • March 31 – Support letters should be mailed by this date.
  • April 2 – Sunday, 1:15-3:30pm Mission Training Meeting 2 – Upper Room
  • May 7 – Sunday, 1:15-3:30pm Mission Training Meeting 3 – Upper Room
    Second Payment Due to bring balance to $700
  • May 13 – CAR WASH and PLANT Sale 8:30am – 12:30pm
  • June 4 – Sunday, 1:15-3:30pm  Mission Training Meeting 4 – Upper
    Final Payment Due to bring balance to $1,100.
  • July 16 – Sunday, 1:15–4pm Mission Training Meeting 5 – Upper Room
    (3:00- 4:00 pm Prayer with Parents & Students in the Upper Room)
  • July 22th – Meet at the Café early in the morning with luggage and everything ready to go.  

Fundraising opportunities:  

  • Support Letters –  Prayer & Financial Support
  • Pretzel Sales – Individual Sales and Sundays after services
  • Little Caesar Fundraiser  
  • Car Wash & Plant Sale 

How to Apply:  All applications are to be completed online at  Please answer questions in a word document first and then cut and paste them into the application.  There is a 20 minute limit on the online application.   Please note that when your application is complete an email will be sent to you with a link to sign up for an interview.  A deposit of $100 is required when the interview is completed and you are approved to go on the trip. Applications are due by Wednesday, February 12, 2017.